How to choose the most cost-effective proposal?

Introduction of the 6 most common ways of metal part production

11/1/20231 min read

Usually there are several different ways to produce one product, to decide to produce by which way, there are some factors which should be taken into consideration:

1) Cost: the budge of your case

2) Time: the lead time you or your customer can accept

3) Quality: we should decide to use which machine to produce, we should understand how many steps of the prdouction, and then we should check if the tolerance can be controlled when mass production by the way or the machines you choose.

The following are the 6 most common ways of metal part production:

1) spring machine: compression spring machine, versatile spring machine, torsion spring machine, extension spring machine, ring making machine...etc.

2) multi-slide machine, 4-slide machine

3) stamping machine: stage die, progressive die

4) tuning machine

5) diecasting machine

6) handwork